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Featured Sites Archives – 2002

Featured Sites Archive

Week of Site 
December 30, 2002 Explore Mars Now – explore the planet Mars with realistic habitats, rockets, ground cars, and robots
December 23, 2002 NORAD Tracks Santa
December 16, 2002 Sloan Digital Sky Surveya project to make a map of the entire universe
December 9, 2002 Real Einstein – an Einstein exhibition from the American Museum of Natural History
December 2, 2002 AstroTips – Astronomy Freeware and Sharewaresome very useful programs
November 25, 2002 NewsWire for the New Frontier
November 18, 2002 Try Science – shockwave experiments and activities for children
November 11, 2002 World Clock – current time for major cities anywhere in the world
November 4, 2002 Moon Phases – very nice graphical display of moon phases for any month
October 28, 2002 Sun and Moon Rise and Set – calculation of time of sun, moon, and planets rise and set. From the Old Farmer’s Almanac. 
October 21, 2002 Almanac of Key Terrestrial Events – dates of equinoxes and solstices
October 14, 2002 What’s Happening in the Heavens – from the Old Farmer’s Almanac. 
October 7, 2002 World Time Server – accurate, current local time anywhere in the world 
September 30, 2002 Voyager and Galileo Global Mosaics of Jovian Satellites (fromUSGS)
September 23, 2002 Galileo’s Struggle
September 16, 2002 Space Tracker – offers live 3-D tracking of weather satellites and spacecraft such as the International Space Station (requires Java)
September 9, 2002 Visible Eartha searchable directory of images, visualizations, and animations of the Earth (NASA)
September 2, 2002 Mythology of the Constellations
August 19, 2002 Interactive Universedesigned for classroom use
August 12, 2002 Native American Astronomyfocuses on Lakota star knowledge and maps
August 5, 2002 The Last Wordquestions & answers on everyday scientific phenomena
July 29, 2002 Big Bang Cosmology Primer
July 22, 2002 Explore the Moon – stunning 360-degree panoramas from the Apollo missions (requires QuickTime)
July 15, 2002 For Teachers "Powers of Ten" onlineJava technology
July 8, 2002 The Science of Superheroes
July 1, 2002 Civilian Space "X"ploration Team (CSXT)Civilian group trying to put a rocket into space
June 24, 2002 NASA Satellite Sighting Informationshows you where and when to look for the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle (now knows Morgantown by via Bill Tracy, a Flight Dynamics Officer at the Johnson Space Center in Houston)
June 17, 2002 Black Holes and Beyond 
June 10, 2002 SPACEWATCH FRIDAY – very good site site for amateur astronomers, updated every Friday
June 3, 2002 Solar Eclipse of June 10
May 27, 2002 Medieval Illuminated Manuscriptsclick "browse by subject", search for "celestial bodies", and then highlight "the heavens (celestial bodies)"
May 20, 2002 Terrestrial Impact Structures (from Meteors)meteor impact craters through the world
May 13, 2002 Space Sounds – actual sounds of the Earth’s magnetosphere
May 6, 2002 Mars Exploration Program NASA’s page for all Mars missions: past, present, and future
April 29, 2002 First African in Space
Planetary Alignment of 2002
First Pictures from Hubble’s new camera
April 22, 2002 Comet C/2002 C1 Ikeya-Zhang
Planetary Alignment of 2002
April 15, 2002 Space Adventures – world’s leading space tourism company
April 8, 2002 Solar System Simulator – from NASA/JPL
April 1, 2002 Bulfinch’s Mythology
March 25, 2002 Sky Chart – excellent free sky chart from Sky and Telescope
March 18, 2002 Northern Lights – a very good site about the Aurora
March 11, 2002 Jupiter’s Ring Systemnice images and animation
March 4, 2002 Eastern Time & Universal Time Read Aloud – requires RealPlayer (free)
February 25, 2002 Mars Meteorites – Mars meteorites found on Earth
The Hubble Project: Servicing Mission 3BAdding new technology to the Hubble Space Telescope (HST)
February 18, 2002 NASA Jet Propulsion Lab: Jupiter’s Moon Callisto – images and information about  Callisto
February 11, 2002 Asteroid Insurance – for amusement purposes only
February 4, 2002 Planet Quest – official NASA site about extrasolar system planets
January 28, 2002 Allegheny Observatory extra-solar planet detection 
January 21, 2002 How to Start Right in Astronomy – from Sky and Telescope
January 14, 2002 Astronomy in Your Face
January 7, 2002 Space Camp