Earth from Space 

Welcome to the WVU Planetarium

The WVU Planetarium is no longer having in-person shows due to COVID-19. We are doing virtual shows! Head over to our Showtimes tab to see our virtual show schedule. If you have any questions or concerns about us moving online please send them to

For more than 30 years, the planetarium at West Virginia University has given Morgantown and the surrounding communities a 
glimpse into worlds beyond our own. Sitting atop White Hall, the planetarium has served thousands of people each year, including 
hundreds of WVU students.

Upcoming Events:

♦ Join us Wednesday, June 3rd for the SPOT: Star of Our World presentation!
Describe the relationship between the Sun and our planet beyond night and day. 
Discuss the Sun's magnetic field and explore the world of nuclear fusion inside a star's core. 
Discover the research occurring in facilities across West Virginia to uncover more about the star that fuels our world!
Then hear Dr. Weichao Tu, a plasma physicist at WVU, talk about her current research 
and answer any questions you might have!

Star of Our World Poster

♦ Don't forget to join us Friday, June 5th, as we celebrate the full moon!
Learn about where the Moon came from, why it has different phases, and much more.
Be sure to bring your Playdoh- we’ll show you how to make a miniature Earth and Moon to scale!
 (If you don't have Playdoh, click here for a recipe to make your own!)

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at, call us at 304-293-4961, or send us a message on Facebook!


Our mission is to serve the state-wide West Virginia community by connecting people to the universe.