Earth from Space 

Welcome to the WVU Planetarium & Observatory.

For more than 30 years, the planetarium at West Virginia University has given Morgantown and the surrounding communities a  glimpse  into worlds beyond our own. Sitting atop White Hall, the planetarium has served thousands of people each year, including hundreds of WVU students.

Our mission is to serve the state-wide West Virginia community by connecting people to the Universe.

Upcoming Events: 

All visitors must follow WVU Safety Guidelines and wear a mask, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.

♦ We are excited to welcome our new graduate student manager, Tim, and our new postdoc assistant, Joe! We are also very grateful to undergraduate members of the WVU Astronomy Club who help the WVU Planetarium and Observatory.
♦  Please join our mailing list, Mountaineer Skies, or keep an eye on our Facebook: WVU Planetarium, Twitter: @WVUPlanetarium, and this website for further updates. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at, call us at 304-293-4961, or send us a message on Facebook! 
♦ Happy Fall! Please join us for one of our feature presentations, "Indigenous Connections to the Night Sky!" This is in collaboration with the WVU Native American Studies Program. See the WVU Libraries Resource List!
Indigenous Connections Nov 17th Flyer
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