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Rules and Etiquette

To get the most of your Planetarium visit and to ensure the best experience for those around you, we’ve gathered some common Planetarium rules and etiquette.

Planetarium and Observatory Rules

  • No food or drinks allowed
  • No smoking or use of tobacco products (including vaping)
  • No running, jumping, and disruptive behavior
  • Do not touch any part of the telescope or eyepiece unless directed to do so
  • Do not touch any equipment in the Planetarium
  • Make sure all electronic devices, including phones, are silenced and put away so the light from the phone will not be disruptive in the dark dome (light pollution)
  • If you must leave during a show, re-admittance will not be allowed
  • Animals are not permitted inside the building, except designated service animals and service animals in training
  • “Wheelie” and “Heelys” children’s shoes may not be worn with the wheels deployed

Tips and Etiquette

  • Plan to arrive and be seated 5-10 minutes before the showtime. Doors generally close right at the start time, and they will not be opened for guests who arrive late
  • The Planetarium will normally be kept dimly lit to prepare visitors’ eyes for the dome. Be prepared to be seated in a dark room for the duration of the show
  • Please refrain from loud noises, conversations or other disruptive noises during the show
  • Ask our volunteers any astronomy-related question that is on your mind but please be respectful of other guests who are waiting to view
  • If you must leave for emergency reasons please speak up! Let the director know so house lighting can be brought up for safe exit

Groups With Children

  • Groups must have 1 adult for every 10 children
  • Adults must stay with the children at all times
  • Chaperones must ensure the safety of all children by prohibiting horseplay, running, climbing, or jumping on exhibits, or other disruptive activity