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Our Dome

Laser projectors enable us to show 4K films, bring in external video and live content, and allow us to diversify our offerings, from outreach talks to special events.

In 2023, Elumenati updated West Virginia University’s Planetarium and Observatory with a  GeoDome Evolver. The cross-cove system offers 3750 pixels fulldome at 22,000 lumens, nearly twice the resolution and more than twice the brightness of a single projector in fulldome mode.

Projectors are mounted on either side of the dome with a single blend zone in the center, greatly simplifying operations and maintenance when compared to a multi-channel solution. Effective blending is accomplished with WorldViewer’s ability to balance black levels – a challenge when showing dark content like astronomy and astrophysics.

The GeoDome Evolver turnkey solution includes 5.1 audio and a customized rack-mount image generating computer. Our  WorldViewer immersive content engine and the  OpenPlayground for Astronomy extension enable the team at WVU to offer programming on a wide range of Earth and space science topics. With a capture card, WorldViewer can accept input from their older computer, enabling a smooth transition to the new Evolver system.

“The Elumenati cross-cove system was a great choice for us, as it allows us to free up the center area of the planetarium which housed our old projectors. We can now use that space to make shows more interactive. The addition of the new laser projectors means we can show 4K films, which look amazing on the dome, and utilize its full potential. In addition, the ability to easily bring in external video and live content allows us to diversify and expand our content in the dome, from outreach talks to special events...”

Jason Ybarra, Ph.D., Director, WVU Planetarium and Observatory