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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions regarding astronomy, planetarium shows, events or programs, telescopes or the observatory, please contact us.

Yes, our public shows are really free! Please consider supporting us!

No! Light from your phone will be disruptive in the dark dome (light pollution) and any sound or noise will be disrespectful to other guests and the presenter. Please ensure your phone is silenced and put away before the show begins.

No. Entries and exits during the show are disruptive as they ruin the dark. Doors generally close right at the start time, and they will not be opened for guests who arrive late.

To cancel your reservation, please contact us by email at or by phone at 304-293-4961 so we may open remaining seats. Please include the Booking Reference code from your reservation.

No it does not although you may feel like you are moving during our shows! The darkness tricks your brain into thinking you are moving, when the only thing in our theater that can actually move is our projection equipment.

Sorry, but no eating, drinking or smoking is permitted in theater at any time. 

Sorry, but videotaping and the taking of flash pictures is prohibited at all times due to possible copyright infringement. Plus, flash pictures will result only in a picture of a white dome and will disturb other patrons by ruining their low-light vision.

We generally have children's shows at 7pm (or 8pm in Summer) and advanced shows at 8pm (or 9pm in Summer) followed by rooftop telescope observing, weather permitting. Please browse our Show Library to view shows by their length and age range, or contact us for more information. Films for our younger audiences will also be marked as a "Children's Show" on our Showtimes listing page.

Planetarium shows are G-rated, but small children may not have the requisite attention span. The theater gets dark and we strongly discourage entering or exiting during a show, but we also encourage quiet, respectful attention from all attendees. Disruptive children lessen the experience for others. We generally recommend children ages Kindergarten and up.

 If we have significant snow and/or bad ice conditions on the road, there will be no shows.