More than just an entertaining look at our universe, the planetarium features a variety of professionally created shows each year. Each show begins with a current sky show pointing out visible constellations, planets, and other noteworthy astronomical objects. Attendees then have a brief, operator-narrated astronomy lesson, such as when and where does the sun rise and set at the beginning of each season. This is followed by a commercial program that is both educational and entertaining. At the conclusion of the public show, patrons are invited to see our new observatory and take a look through our new 14” Celestron telescope at what is currently visible in the night sky.  The planetarium also currently showcases a flown tire from NASA that was used on the Columbia space shuttle during the STS-76 mission in 1996.


We also love to promote these space-related STEM groups! 

Physics and Astronomy Grad Student Organization (PAGSO) 
Pulsar Search Collaboratory  

(If you know of other STEM projects or programs in West Virginia that should be on this list, please tell us!)