PUBLIC Planetarium Shows

(Online reservations can be made using the form at the bottom of this page, and show titles link to trailers)
Date Show Time Sunset Seats Available
November 17, 2017 From Earth to the Universe 7pm 5:04pm 15/60

Dawn of the Space Age 8pm
December 1, 2017 From Earth to the Universe 7pm 4:56pm FULL!

Dawn of the Space Age 8pm
December 15, 2017 Season of Light 7pm 4:56pm 18/60

Season of Light 8pm


Admission to our Public Planetarium Shows is free, but reservations are required and can be made by filling out the form below if the showing still has seats available.  If you are a community or school group looking to schedule a show, feel free to directly contact us at

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More Information

The West Virginia University Planetarium is located on the PL Floor of White Hall, 135 Willey Street. Reservations cannot be accepted after 3:00 P.M. on the days of the shows. This is usually on a Friday. Also note that we cannot answer the telephone while in the planetarium, so please call or email in advance of that to assure there's time to get your message returned!

Additionally, the WVU Observatory, equipped with a 14 inch Celestron telescope, will be open for public viewing on the same evenings as the planetarium shows but require no reservations. Please note that the sky must be dark and clear, as we cannot see through clouds.

There are two conditions under which we will not have advertised shows:

  1. 1. If the local public schools are canceled (not just a two hour delay) due to bad weather on Friday, regardless of how the weather might appear in the evening, there will be no shows.
  2. 2. If, during the day on Friday, we have significant snow and/or bad ice conditions on the road, there will be no shows.
We rely on your sound judgement.