PUBLIC Planetarium Shows

The WVU Planetarium is no longer having in-person shows due to COVID-19. We are doing virtual shows! Head over to our Showtimes tab to see our virtual show schedule. If you have any questions or concerns about us moving online please send them to

                                             Our summer schedule will consist of

                           "Intermediate to advanced talks" on Wednesdays at 6:30PM 


                                    "family friendly" content on Fridays at 6:30PM.

We suggest high schoolers or above for our Wednesday offerings. Some offerings maybe be suitable for middle schoolers or a younger audience and we will try to advertise on our social media our suggested age range. However, please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our Wednesday shows. Our Friday shows will be fun for all ages, however we hope to make the information attainable to elementary / middle schoolers. Some of our Friday shows will be geared toward around Pre-K ages. Again we will try to advertise through our social media which age range we are aiming to benefit the most for each of our shows.

We have been working hard to determine the best way for us to offer our services during these odd times! We appreciate your patience and flexibility as the WVU Planetarium has and continues to trial different formats to get amazing astronomy knowledge to you all!

Date Show and Intended Audience Time Link to Register At
Wednesday, July 8th You Can Map the Milky Way led by Dr. Kathryn Williamson
    How do we figure out the shape of our galaxy if we're stuck inside it? The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy, right? How do we know? Most light from the far reaches of the galaxy is blocked from ever reaching us by interstellar dust clouds. But by using radio telescopes, we can tune in to hydrogen signals from beyond the clouds.
(middle school and above)
6:30 PM Click Here to Register
Friday, July 10th Legends of Perseus and Andromeda led by WVU Planetarium Staff Evan Lewis
   Join us for this ~30 minute show as we get back to basics to take a look at the night sky tonight and talk about the mythology behind the constellations of Perseus and Andromeda. We will then share the show Legends of the Night Sky: Perseus & Andromeda.
(elementary school)
6:30 PM Click Here to Register
Wednesday, July 15th SPOT: The International Space Station presented by SPOT Ambassador Eric Roy
   Unveil what it takes to live in space and the engineering required to build a station in space. What is it like to be an astronaut? How do daily activities change when you're traveling 5 miles per second?! What does the future of space travel look like?
(middle school and above)
6:30 PM Click Here to Register
Wednesday, July 22nd SPOT: Mars: Past, Present, Future led by WVU Planetarium Staff
  Explore human-kind's understanding of Mars through the ages. Detail missions, which increased our collective understanding of what the environment of Mars is like. Present what might occur in the future, including the possibility that humans will step foot on or even live on Mars. Dive into current projects in West Virginia that support these missions.
(middle school and above)
6:30 PM Click Here to Register
Wednesday, July 29th Solar Superstorms led by WVU Planetarium Staff Evan Lewis
6:30 PM Click Here to Register
Friday, July 31st LEAP into Science led by Sophie de Saint Georges  6:30 PM Click Here to Register