PUBLIC Planetarium Shows

The WVU Planetarium is no longer having in-person shows due to COVID-19. We are doing virtual shows! Head over to our Showtimes tab to see our virtual show schedule. If you have any questions or concerns about us moving online please send them to

                                             Our Fall schedule will consist of Shows

                                                                 Every Friday at 6:30PM

                                                sHows will alternate Weekly between

                   "family Friendly" Content and "Intermediate to Advanced" Content

We suggest middle schoolers or above for our "intermediate to advanced" offerings. Our "family friendly" shows will be fun for all ages, however we hope to make the information attainable to elementary or younger aged children. We will try to advertise through our social media and in the descriptions which age range we are aiming to benefit the most for each of our shows. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of our shows.

We have been working hard to determine the best way for us to offer our services during these odd times! We appreciate your patience and flexibility as the WVU Planetarium has and continues to trial different formats to get amazing astronomy knowledge to you all!

Date Show and Intended Audience Time Link to Register At
Friday, September 18th Climate Change from a Planetary Perspective presented by WVU Planetarium staff members Evan and Jessica
      Join us as we journey though the Solar System to learn about our climate here on Earth. How did Venus become so hot and inhospitable? What about the cold and dusty Mars - could life have ever survived there? Afterwards, we'll share a short video, Dynamic Earth, which describes the complex ecosystems here on Earth!
(middle school and up)
6:30 PM Click Here to Register
Friday, September 25th SPOT: Star of Our World presented by SPOT Ambassador Alexandra Bunn and WVU Planetarium direct and WVU SPOT Faculty Advisor Kathryn Williamson
    Join us as we learn about the relationship between the Sun and our planet beyond night and day. Discover why we have seasons, how the Sun affects weather on Earth and in space, and how the Sun emits light invisible to us like radio waves and UV waves. Also, learn about the research occurring in facilities across West Virginia to uncover more about the star that fuels our world!
(middle school)
6:30 PM Click Here to Register
Friday, October 2nd Special Fall Family Weekend Show led by WVU Planetarium staff Evan and Jessica
    As part of Fall Family Weekend, the WVU Planetarium is excited to tell you about the variety of astronomy research that our department is involved in! We’ll tell you about how black holes collide, the cores of dead stars, and mysterious bursts of energy coming from other galaxies.
(middle school and up)
7:30 PM 
Click Here to Register
Friday, October 9th SPOT: Climate Change in the Mountain State presented by SPOT Ambassador
    Journey through Earth’s atmosphere to understand how greenhouse gases keep Earth warm like a cozy blanket. How do greenhouse gases affect the temperature, water cycle, and weather? Is the Earth warmer than usual now? What is the evidence? Learn about the pros and cons of climate change in West Virginia. Practice talking about it and become empowered to take action.
(elementary/middle school)
6:30 PM Click Here to Register
Friday, October 16th Multi-Messenger Astrophysics presented by WVU graduate student Caitlin Witt 6:30 PM TBA
Friday, October 23rd Advanced Research presentation led by WVU graduate student Joseph Kania
6:30 PM TBA
Friday, October 30th Special Halloween Show led by WVU Planetarium staff
    Join us as we take a look into the night sky to find what spooky things might be lurking! We will journey to beautiful astronomical objects that may look a bit like some Halloween decorations we know and love!
6:30 PM Click Here to Register
Friday, November 6th Advanced Research presentation led by WVU graduate student Kshitij Aggarwal 6:30 PM TBA
Friday, November 13th Astronomy Yoga! 6:30 PM TBA
Friday, November 20th Solar Wind presented by WVU postdoc Dustin Madison 6:30 PM TBA
Friday, November 27th No Show! Wishing everyone a good Thanksgiving!

Friday, December 4th Advanced Research presentation led by WVU graduate student Greg Walsh 6:30 PM TBA
Friday, December 11th Special Holiday Show 6:30 PM TBA