The WVU Planetarium is temporarily closing in-person shows and offering weekly FREE virtual presentations over Zoom! If you have any questions or concerns about us moving online please send them to


Alternating "Family Friendly" and "Intermediate/Advanced" Shows Every Friday at 6:30PM

We suggest middle schoolers or above for our "intermediate to advanced" offerings.  Our "family friendly" shows  will be fun for all ages, however we hope to make the information attainable to elementary or younger aged children. We will try to advertise through our social media and in the descriptions which age range we are aiming to benefit the most for each of our shows. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of our shows.

We have been working hard to determine the best way for us to offer our services during these odd times! We appreciate your patience and flexibility as the WVU Planetarium has and continues to trial different formats to get amazing astronomy knowledge to you all.

Date Show and Intended Audience Time Link to Register At
Friday, December 4th Advanced: When Supermassive Black Holes Light Up the Universe led by WVU graduate student Greg Walsh
    At the center of every galaxy lies a supermassive black hole, the most massive singular objects in the universe. 10% of these supermassive black holes are devouring gas in their host galaxy, shining brightly through all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum as Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN). Astronomers are using AGN to study galaxy evolution throughout cosmic time, as well as search for gravitational wave-emitting supermassive black hole binaries using ultra-high resolution radio astronomy.
(high school and above)
6:30 PM Click Here to Register
Friday, December 11th Special Holiday Show presented by WVU Planetarium staff
6:30 PM Click Here to Register